Pietro Lunetta

Candle holder made of precious and fragile Murano glass worked with one of the most traditional textures, the “baloton”, and a sturdy but soft shell that protects it: the puteal of San Gregorio. To fully appreciate the lights and shadows, we suggest using a LED tealight, on which to put our diffuser, or one in wax with transparent casing in case of use with an open flame.

180,00 EUR




Flexible hand-cast PU resin, blown Murano glass.


PU resin (2)


Bottle green

Glass (1)

Transparent crystal


Care and precautions

This object is designed to be used with both wax tealights and most LED tealights on the market (maximum mm.40xh.49).
The diffuser must be used ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY with LED tealight.
DO NOT use the diffuser with wax candles. Wax candles must be used ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY inside the glass cup

Made in Italy